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Is New York State Real Estate Transfer Tax Deductible?

When buying a property in New York City, you must understand the local taxes you may be subject to. One is the real estate transfer tax, which can be deducted in certain circumstances. In this article, we will discuss the real estate transfer tax in NYC, its importance for homeowners and buyers, and how to […]

NYC Real Estate Capital Gains Tax

Real estate in New York City has long been considered a coveted commodity. It is no surprise, then, that the government seeks to capitalize on this asset by imposing capital gains taxes when profits are made from its sale or exchange. Understanding the tax implications of selling a property in New York City is essential. […]

Understanding New York Capital Gains Tax On Real Estate

When you sell or transfer your real estate property in New York, you may have to pay a capital gains tax on the profits earned. The capital gains tax applies to the difference between the sale price and the property's adjusted basis. The adjusted basis is the original cost of the property plus any improvements […]

Calculating Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate Sales in New York

Selling a home can be a complex process, particularly regarding taxes. One tax that homeowners may need to consider is capital gains tax, which applies to profits made from the sale of an asset. This tax can be particularly relevant when selling real estate, as property values often appreciate over time. In this blog article, […]
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